China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. ("CSST") is Chinas leading technology and infrastructure solution provider specializing in the provision of comprehensive solutions for city planners and local governments.

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Smart China Group

Smart China is a smart & low carbon city solution provider, aiming to help local governments in China and abroad to improve urban sustainability and economic vibrancy through its infrastructure and industrial development focused solutions. Smart China provides a total solution package including development  planning , master  planning ,construction , green agriculture , technology integration and operational services for city planners and local governments.

China Security & Fire Technology Group

China Security & Fire Technology Group (“S&F”) is a safe city solution provider, created to address the growing security and fire system implementation needs. The group provides a comprehensive security and fire solution for safe city deployment including design , manufacturing , systems provisioning , integration , installation, and operational services.

Smart IOT Technology Group

Smart IOT Technology Group (CIOT) is an IOT solution provider in China, providing IOT IOT technology integration, installation and services (robotics, e-vehicles, and remote health care, etc.) togovernments , corporate and individual customers.

HK Guardforce Group

Guardforce is ahighly experienced international security specialist dedicated to protecting customer life, property and asset through the state-of-the-art security services. Managed by experts in the field, Guardforce has the operational capability to ensure all customer security needs are met. Guardforce is the leader in providing full-ranged security-related services, including manpower security, cash in transit, security courier and international high-value cargo, document transportation and also SP (Security Personnel) services.

E-Baotong Online Financial Service Group

E-baotong Online Financial Service Group provides an integrated online financial service brokerage platform in China, providing services to individual and corporate customers including insurance, project guarantee and P2P financing.

Research & Development Institute

The Research & Development Institute (CSST R&D) is the technological backbone of the entire company, focusing on related research and R&D collaboration projects on smart city technology,security, IOT and internet platform, etc.