China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. ("CSST") is Chinas leading technology and infrastructure solution provider specializing in the provision of comprehensive solutions for city planners and local governments.

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The related companies and the long-term strategic partners of China Security and Fire commit to the innovation and development of modern urban operation service industry. They are mainly occupied with safe city project maintenance service, alarm operation service, maintenance and quick repair service, technical check-in service, system hosting service and high-end human security service, and provide government, industry, family and individual users with large scale, specialization, standardization and internationalization security operational service solutions.


The security operation service platform of China Security & Fire is based on the needs of national security operation service business, relies on cloud computing and big data processing technology, sets up national, regional, provincial operation centers, provides the comprehensive security service basing on the networking alarm to ensure the safety of the users’ lives and property.