China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. ("CSST") is Chinas leading technology and infrastructure solution provider specializing in the provision of comprehensive solutions for city planners and local governments.

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Master Planning
Smart China provides a combination service of four master planning types for our clients, they are space planning, technology planning, industry planning and financing planning respectively.
Space Planning:
It includes building the city's framework, defining spatial layout, functional zoning, communication networking, green land carbon sink, etc. Our master planning groups possess significant technology power, extensive experience and modern managerial idea.
In addition, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with various designinstitutions, university of Hong Kong, Hong Kong polytechnic university, Shenzhen urban planning & design institute (UPDIS), the institute of urban space planning and architecture design & research, and institute of architecture design & research, Shenzhen University
Technology Planning:
It provides programming city's content, setting up smart & low carbon system structure, main functioning, technical solution, performance indicator, etc.
Based on 6 industries technologies, Smart China has developed smart & low carbon technology framework with 6 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and "Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences ". The core of the whole concept is one platform(smart & low carbon city operation platform) and two technology(smart technology and low carbon technology) .
Industry Planning:
It means providing city's energy, identifying smart & low carbon industry's development direction, layout, major projects and attracting investment strategy, etc. Moreover, development research, orientation & selection, spatial layout, key task and safeguard measure of the industry are included.
Financing Planning:

It contains maintaining the city's running, also indicates the funding sources of the city and analyses financial structure. Those functions can capitalize the source of capital and make the cash flow projects to push the development of non cash flow projects.