China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. ("CSST") is Chinas leading technology and infrastructure solution provider specializing in the provision of comprehensive solutions for city planners and local governments.

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Smart Medical Care is based on the IOT application, though remote technology ,uploads the human health changes to health cloud database and receives personal health index in real time; and then teams of doctors,dietitians, and life service will propose solutions according to electronic medical records and supporting medical instruments and provide different groups precision services with standard or customized procedures, making the community become the prime position of tertiary prevention which constitutes pre-discovery, pre-treatment and pre-rehabilitation, effectively improving the diagnosis efficiency and treatment plan. Currently, China IOT Group’s health cloud projects has become a demonstration project of Shenzhen Sci-tech Committee"Smart Family” Industry Innovation Alliance,and confirms the strategic cooperation with"Neurosurgery"Doctors’ Alliance from China Doctors’ Association, forms a professional doctor network covering most of the country and 15 First-class Hospitals at Grade 3; and now is establishing a medical record database of health care management with a capacity of 1 million older peopleand major disease patients and a resource pool with 100 thousand active community’s offline-service users.