China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. ("CSST") is Chinas leading technology and infrastructure solution provider specializing in the provision of comprehensive solutions for city planners and local governments.

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Leading integrated security service provider in South East Asia, including CIT (Cash in Transit), security courier, international high-value cargo and document transportation, and SP(Security Personnel) service


March 14, 2013, the Group successfully acquired Guardforce Hong Kong. This signifies the beginning of the groups international expansion into the security service industry.


Founded in 1977, Guardforce Hong Kong is an experienced international security specialist dedicated to protecting customer life, property and asset through state-of-the-art security services. It provides Cash and Valuables Collection and Delivery, ATM Management, Wrapped Coins Supply and Coins Processing, Security Storage and International Secure Transportation Services etc, and remains the No.1 financial security service provider in HongKong.


S&F Groups Security Service Division aims to become a leading international security service provider, providing customers in China and also other regions with highly integrated security solutions.